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2Song Name: Baby One More Time
4Release: ?
4Submitted By: Ned
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6Song Text:

My first tab, so bear with me, folks! I'm hardly a huge fan of Britney.
Usually I just put it on mute and watch but there ya go. I'm a Radiohead
fan meself so its kind of weird for me to be doing a pop tune like this.
But, alas, I was just listening to the song and I thought
"Hey I'll learn this on guitar and play it at parties!"
So here it is!


By the way I don't know the lyrics so don't email me about them.

(on big ol' piano, but you can play it on guitar)


(just strum the notes. I couldnt be bothered to type every single strum out)

oh baby was i supposed to know...

(something something)buy your si-yi-de-yeah

By the way...

Can't make out all the wah-wah parts, but one of them is on
the B string played like 7-7-6-4.

                           Lead Guitar for verse

Lead guitar can play her vocals if you have two guitarists. I've tabbed
her general vocals for the verse out for you good people.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5-5-5-5------5-3-3--3-3-3-----------5-5-5-5-6-6-6~5-----------------------------------------------3~~5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        oh baby baby    how was I
                        supposed     to know   la da dada da da da yeah!
                                                (I dont know the lyrics)


Show ya want it to be....coz baby.... he doesnt need to know..

(same as bridge, but timed a tad different. Just listen to the song.)

                         Lead for Chorus
(repeatedley pick them)
My killing me..i must confess...i still believe
When I'm not(etc)I lose my(etc)Give me a sign..Hit me Baby One More Time!


Play this when the second "still believe" comes along (about 58 seconds into
song the first time, after "i must confess I still believe") and also after
the 'Hit me baby one more time' in the chorus.

(after playing the high G (the one on the 10th fret))

B String  =   ---13-----12----13--

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