chord kunci gitar lagu “Is this the world we created” by Queen  . Introdu��o: Parte 1: D E|–5—–5—–5—–5—-|–|B|–7—–7—–7—–7—-|–|G|–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7-|–|D|–0—–0—–0—–0—-|–|A|————————-|–|E|————————-|–| Parte 2: […] chord kunci gitar lagu “Mustapha” by Queen  . 1x G———————————————————| D——————————————0-0–1-1–2-2–| A————–3——————1-1–3-3—————-| E–3-3-5-5-6-6—-1-1-3-3-4-4—————————–| 2x mustapha!!mustaphaa!!Mustapha!! …. G—————————-| D-3–1–3——————–| A—————————-| E—————————-| […] chord kunci gitar lagu “Nothin’ but blue” by Queen  . Bm I’m nothin but blue Am I’m hearing you whisper […] chord kunci gitar lagu “A winter’s tale” by Queen  . G G It’s Winter fall Em G Red Skies are […] chord kunci gitar lagu “Bohemian rhapsody piano” by Queen  . Tabbed by Leebop – * Any questions/comments just email me. […] chord kunci gitar lagu “Now i’m here” by Queen  . [Intro] D [Primeira Parte] D Here I stand (here I […] chord kunci gitar lagu “Earth” by Queen  . Am Verse 1: Am D G Em I might be at a […]